Corvine Piano Care is owned and operated in Palmer, Alaska, by Andrea Hackbarth, Member of the Piano Technicians Guild. Andrea came to the field of piano technology after many years as an educator. She completed a correspondence course in piano technology and continues to learn and improve her piano service skills through advanced trainings and seminars. Andrea grew up playing the piano and greatly enjoys helping other pianists, from beginners to professionals, get the most from their instruments by making sure they are in the best condition possible.

Why Corvine?

Corvine is Latin for "of or like a raven"

A good piano tuner or technician is, in fact, much like a raven:

  • Ravens are intelligent problem-solvers. Good piano service often involves creative problem solving and tool use to make sure all parts of the piano work together in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

  • Ravens can mimic sounds they hear. It's no secret that piano tuning involves listening closely, but a good tuning also requires making each string produce, or mimic, exactly the right sound.

  • Ravens are fans of beautiful, sparkly things. In the end, a good piano technician wants to make your piano sound as beautiful as possible. A deep appreciation for the beauty of the instrument keeps that goal in the forefront.