Antique Piano

Professional Piano Services

Has it been years since your piano was serviced? Does something about it just not sound or feel quite right? Or do you simply want to keep your well-maintained piano in good condition and make sure it can be played and enjoyed for years to come? 


Whether it's a brand new grand, or a 100-year old upright, your piano deserves to sound as beautiful and function as smoothly as possible. Regular tuning and maintenance leads to a piano that is more enjoyable to play and listen to, and prevents more costly repairs down the road. 



Like any finely crafted machine, a piano sometimes needs more than regular tunings and basic repairs. Over time and with regular use the many parts of a piano can get out of alignment, keeping the piano from functioning as it was intended.


From full action and keyboard regulation to minor touch-up regulation, this service will make sure your piano is performing at its optimal level.

Regulation fees vary depending on what work needs to be done, with a base rate of $70/hour. 


Does your piano have a sticky key? Are the pedals squeaking? Does a note just not sound quite right? With up to 12,000 individual parts in a piano, there are many opportunities for things to break and negatively impact the performance of your piano. 

A repair appointment includes a diagnosis of the problem as well as an estimate of a fair cost for repair. Minor repairs can often be fixed on the spot, but more major repairs will likely require a return visit.


Prices for repair depend on the cost of parts and time required.  I charge a base rate of  $70/hour

Piano Installation


Most people clean the outside case of their piano regularly, but the inside rarely gets cleaned. Pianos tend to collect dust, dirt, and other debris, which can get trapped in the many moving parts, causing sluggishness.


Piano keys also collect dirt and grime, and should be cleaned regularly. If your keys have become particularly dirty or discolored, specialized key cleaning products can help.

Sometimes rodents and insects find pianos to be welcoming homes. These guests can do a fair amount of damage and leave behind germs and unsightly messes that can also impact the piano's functioning. Thankfully, these messes can usually be cleaned up.

Cleaning fees vary depending on what needs to be done, with a base rate of $50/hour. 

Grand Piano


Pianos need to be tuned regularly, every 6 to 12 months, to stay in their best playing shape. This is especially true in our area, where big changes in temperature and indoor humidity throughout the year can cause tuning instability.


A standard tuning also includes an estimate of any repairs or additional service recommended. Cost: $150. 

If your piano has not been tuned for some time, it will likely need a pitch raise to get the piano back to standard A440 pitch in preparation for fine tuning. The cost for a basic pitch raise is an additional $50.