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Comprehensive Piano Services

Has it been years since your piano was serviced? Does something about it just not sound or feel quite right? Or do you simply want to keep your well-maintained piano in good condition and make sure it can be played and enjoyed for years to come? 


Whether it's a brand new grand, or a 100-year-old upright, your piano deserves to sound as beautiful and function as smoothly as possible. Find the right service option for your piano below.

Services: Service

Basic Service  ($175)

The "just a tuning" service. 

This level of service is a 1.5-hour appointment: time for a fine tuning as well as very minor adjustments to preserve the touch and tone of your piano.

If your piano has been serviced regularly by a competent technician, and it truly "just needs a tuning," choose the Basic Service option at the link below. 

Full Service ($250)

Comprehensive service to get the best out of your piano.

This level of service is for a piano that is moderately out of tune or is not quite operating at its full potential. In addition to correcting the pitch and fine tuning, a full service appointment generally includes some cleaning, regulation to improve the piano's touch, or voicing to improve its tone.


Regular full service appointments can lead to substantial improvements over the course of a few years, and prevent more costly service needs down the road. This appointment typically takes  2.5 hours. Choose the Full Service option at the link below.

Extended Service ($375)

For pianos that need some extra love and care.

I recommend this level of service for pianos that are very out of tune or have not received any maintenance for several years. The service will vary depending on the the needs of your piano, but may include a pitch correction and tuning, regulation, voicing, repairs, and/or cleaning.

Even if your piano has been regularly tuned, it can benefit from this service. Like any finely crafted machine, a piano sometimes needs more than regular tunings and basic maintenance. Giving it some extra love and care from time to time will help your piano continue performing its best.

This appointment typically takes 4 hours. Choose the Extended Service option at the link below.

Grand Piano

Additional Services

Evaluations, specific repairs, and other services. 


Larger repairs and other services are scheduled and charged on a case-by-case basis, based on cost of supplies and time required. If you know your piano needs extensive service, book a half hour evaluation ($75) to get an estimate for repairs and service needed. I also recommended booking an evaluation for any used piano you are interested in purchasing from a private party.


All appointment types listed above also include an evaluation and estimate for further service.  To book just an evaluation, choose the Evaluation option at the link below.

Still have questions?

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